Malayali Association Preston -Official Inaguration

Minutes of the meeting held on 23rd May 04

Venue: The City Club
Ribbleton, Preston
Present:Preston Mayor Mr.Neil Cartwright
Mayoress Bobby Cartwright
  • Mr.Mathew Kurian - President
  • Mr.Liju Joseph - Vice President
  • Mr.Biju Alilakuzhy - Secretary
  • Mr.Boby George - Jt.Secretary
  • Mr.Prince Davis - Treasurer
  • Executive Committee Members
  • 1. Mr. Jigi Cheriyan
  • 2. Mr. Joyal Joseph
  • 3. Mr. Alex Philip
  • 4. Mr. Biju Chacko
  • 5. Mr. Denish Jose

Apologies:Mr.Geofrey George

Mr.Jigi Cheriyan presented Anchoring:

With the prayer song sing by Sini and Reena,the official inaguration of Malayalee Association Preston began.Vice President Mr.Liju Joseph welcomed the Chief Guest to light the lamp.The traditional presentation of the 'Niraparayum Nilavilakkum' was a wonderful scene.Everyone acclaimed about the presentation of 'Niraparayum Nilavilakkum',a nostalgic situation.The president and the secretary escorted the cheif guest to the dais.The Mayor officially inagurated the function by lighting the 'Nilavilakku'.The cheif guest delivered his speech.Cultural activities has started with a dance from the famous "Chemmeen" Cinema by Sini,Reena,Bindu and Juli.Little Punnoose (Shaun Luckose) performed a wonderful fancy dress which was followed by a dance performed by Norain, melodious songs by Pradesh,Kiran,Sini,Reena and Mimikkery by Jigi.Above all everyone was astonished by the superb comedy "Viswavasathinte Para" conducted and performed by Liju,Biju,Alex,Job,Joyal & Kiron.In addition to that a beautiful cinematic dance has performed by Silvi,Saini & Sini.All the members present at the hall enjoyed evey minute of the programme,which is followed by a delicious Kerala style food festival

An announcement was made at the meeting to conduct and celibrate the "Onam" at an appropriate venue with sports and cultural programs by the newly formed Malayalee Association,Preston

The meeting ended with joy and pride because of the overwhelming support and participation of the malayalee community of Preston.Mr.Biju gave the vote of thanks.The function will be remembered by the Preston Malayalee community,for the days to come